Lesson 7

You’ve made it to lesson 7! Congratulations. Let’s be honest, sticking with a study for this long is hard. There are all sorts of reasons to stop or skip or procrastinate. Thankfully studying through an online platform allows you the luxury to pick back up when you get behind.

In our previous lesson, we considered evidences biblically, historically and within the nature of a yearning for Christ. By considering evidence of an obvious hunger in others, we posed the question, “why don’t we?”

It was a question that stung. We don’t want to go there because it addresses how easily satisfied we’ve become with the little bit of Christ we’ve aattained and enjoyed.

In this week’s lesson, we take this same idea and look at it from a different direction. It may seem silly to really think through the why of knowing Jesus more but if we don’t, why would purposely pursue more of Christ?