Lesson 4

We’ve made it 1/3 way through our study. It’s easy to get behind because well, life. We all have a lot going on which is why online Bible study is such a gift. However, the Enemy is an expert at making us feel guilty and shamed if we don’t have all the blanks filled in or haven’t gotten it all done by the time we think we should.

Let me encourage you to not give in to such discouragement. If you get behind, that’s okay. Jump back in and don’t rush. Let God speak to you through each day of study in His Word. God isn’t eager to scold you but instead He longs to meet with you and transform you.

Lesson 4 brings us to Chapter 2. Brace yourself because Chapter 2 comes packed with some harsh words and most likely some crushed toes.

As we finished Chapter 1, we were challenged by Paul to live a life worthy of the gospel of Christ and to do so by striving for holiness and living in unity with other believers.

In chapter 2, Paul takes the application even further by addressing the attitudes of our hearts. He sets the foundation for unity with humility.