Lesson 1

Philippians is such a fascinating book written by a fascinating guy. In this lesson, we’ll cover the background of Philippians: who it was written by and to whom it was written.

I’m so grateful for the details that the Bible includes that give us not just a general insight into who this letter was written to but insight into individuals and their stories.

After completing this lesson video, take some time to answer the Reflection Questions in your study guide. And then join in on the conversation as we consider how to apply what we’ve learned in this lesson. I’d love to hear your insight on what you’ve learned or what came to your mind.

Then after you complete your time with the teaching, you’ll want to begin your personal daily study in the the book. The personal daily study will give you an opportunity to hone the skill of digging into God’s Word on your own and pulling out nuggets that are easy to miss with a first time read.

Know that I’m cheering you on and praying for you as we begin this journey together.